Credits: Raze

Credits: Raze

Nicholas Jose Almanza (Also known as Raze) became interested in music and the arts early in his life. Growing up, he was surrounded by the arts and by an overwhelming passion to follow his dream. Regardless of what it may be. Starting with a guitar as his first instrument, Nicholas pushed to learn anything he needed to make music that accurately expresses himself. When his close friend, Nikko (Markus Blex), decided he wanted to make a career out of music, Nicholas wanted to help in anyway he could. So he took up producing. After messing around with FL Studio for a bit, he tried out some other production programs and found himself in the grasp of Ableton. After turning the challenges of Ableton into his strengths, he began to grow into his own. Without a name to present for his work, he just kept working on his craft (which were along the likes of hip-hop and dance/electronic/EDM music) to learn about himself as an artist and to better himself as a producer. Around the summer of 2011, Raze was decided to be the name behind the music. In deciding that, he found his sound in the chillstep/dubstep scene (heavily influenced by chillstep artist, Blackmill). Now, only a couple years after that decision, his name has been creating buzz. After his remix of Aiva’s ” So Softly” took the chillstep scene by storm and landed him a spot on the ‘TOP 10′ list on Dubstep.net (a very respected site in the eyes of the fans of the genre). Now, with releases such as “Reminisce” and “Paradise” amongst the web, chillstep fans can’t seem to get enough; but it doesn’t stop there. Taking his talents into the drum n’ bass scene with his newest song, “Logistics,” he attracted to another audience and instantly gained a fan base there as well. Starting off on the weekly Top 10 list at number six, he ended his run at number two. Though it is still a long way to see what the future holds for Raze, it sure seems like a bright one.

Check out a little something at the bottom (For more go to “Music” and “TORO TV”):

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Aiva – “So Softly (Raze Remix)”


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