Markus Blex

A photo taken from Markus Blex’s first photo shoot. (Credits: DownSpout Productions)

At 19, Markus (Nikko Markus Munoz) is hip-hop artist/songwriter that has finally come into his own. He has been writing since the age of 10 but found his passion for music at age 15. Coming from Berwyn (west side of Chicago) he never had much to work off of until his lifelong friend, now producer, Raze, helped him get a start. A homemade booth, a bedroom studio and lots of soda, the work started during the summer of 2010. A couple months in, the two decided to create a brand, T.O.R.O. Team Music Group (TTMG). As of today, Markus is the CEO and Raze is Co-CEO. The first mixtape was released two summers later (“Small Kid, Big Dreams”). After that, Markus decided music college was the road to take and is currently attending classes as a Business Major. Now doing shows and making tracks out in the Twin Cities, he hopes to head back to Chicago with his name buzzing.

Here’s a little something for you to check out (for more check out “Music” and “TORO TV”):

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